Launch a Joon Fleet in Your City

It's time to ramp up our scooter presence in Canada and the United States and you can be a part of it starting with as few as thirty scooters. Joon has the technology, brand, vehicles, software platform, and expert guidance to help you launch your own fleet in a fast-growing market.


Why Joon?

Rental-Ready Scooters

Joon scooters are branded and equipped with the latest in GPS, anti-theft technology, and smart-tech.

Software Platform

Joon software platform with vehicle management, live rider support, safety tutorials, and knowledge data base makes business management easy.

Training and Support

Training and support to swiftly plan, launch and run operations

Marketing and Advertising

Commitment-free marketing and advertising packages to boost your sales and bookings

Quick and Easy to Start

Quick and easy to start, manage fleet and track payment anytime from your mobile app.


How it Works

⚪ Simple Set up

As an independent owner-operator, you will build your own team and run your own fleet complete with Joon's branding. Joon provides you with: scooters and accessories at cost price; access to the Joon software platform; team training and ongoing support; marketing materials and displays.

⚪ Revenue-Share

Joon will also charges a 5% service fee for each ride in addition to the initial start-up costs of purchasing Joon equipment. This service fee covers all of the benefits Joon offers.

⚪ Marketing

Joon offers commitment-free marketing packages that offer quick results and can be purchased on a monthly basis.

⚪ System

Joon is a round-trip scooter-share system that requires riders to pick up and return their scooters at the same location. Locations for pickup and drop-off include hotels and rental shops.

Connected Scooters, Built for Rentals

Equipped with the latest in GPS, anti-theft technology, and smart tech.

Long-range 85 km (50 miles) battery for all-day riding

Swappable battery

In-app safety tutorials, instructions, customer support, and FAQs

Easy to handle, designed for safety and comfort

Frequently Asked Questions

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